Dumb Blonde Jokes | Today I had an experience, one where I would be called “adumb blond ...

Dolly Parton, I`m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know that I`m not dumb. I also know I`m not blonde.

Keep Trying Ecard | blonde walks into the library. | Blonde Jokes

I actually worked with a blond like this. She was pretty, very nice, kind, good with people, but dumb as a door knob.

Blond joke and my first response is: Bless his heart for dealing with her

This is discrimination against blondes! I for one am a blonde yet I am completely smart. I've never down anything like this.<< I'm sorry about the blonde jokes and stuff, but this one is funny

Blonde jokes ya gotta love them.

Blonde jokes ya gotta love them. Even though I'm a blonde <<< I hope you don't get too many 'dumb blonde' jokes.

Woman Has Only One Chance To Save Her And Her Sister. What She Does Is Genius.

I despise "blonde jokes", but this is clever if you assume that her sister is slow, just because she is, and not because of something arbitrary like the color of her hair.