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Blood Groups

Eating right for your blood type ~ AB Blood Grouping Infographic
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Blood types ~ I am alive today because of 6 blood transfusions. Thank you to all who donate. They truly do save lives. For those who don't give blood, please reconsider.

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Blood type personalities. In Asian countries asking your blood type is akin to asking your astrological sign. O+ in the house =)

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Blood Type Diet. O List. - I'm not sure if I buy into this completely but I do know that dairy hurts my stomach so maybe there is some merit in it...either way, it doesn't hurt to "clean up" my diet!

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Blood type B is typical for nomadic people. This blood type is most resistant to diseases even some types of tumor and heart diseases. People with this blood type could further strengthen...

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Nursing Notes: Blood Groups & Rh Compatibility

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