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Blood Poisoning

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Dragon Vampire Blood Poison Pendant Bottle

Red and white Faun Pendant by MakoslaCreations on Etsy

A British mother has died after a scratch turned into blood poisoning -

FLORA FINCH (1867-1940) was an English-born film actress who starred in over 300 silent films, including over 200 for the Vitagraph Studios film company. Starting in 1910 she was often paired with John Bunny in comedies. After Bunny's death in 1915 she continued to make comedy shorts, but with less success. She started her own production company, "Flora Finch Productions", but was never able to regain her popularity. She died age 72 from blood poisoning from a cut.

Ian//I walk home after the beating from Jasper. I had to keep the three of them safe.

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Gothic Skull poison glass bottle Necklace.Personalized necklace. Potion bottle necklace, poison bottle,Miniature bottle, blood bottle gothic

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She was so scared, you can even see the blue pen mark she made on her hand, hoping to be able to see if the line increased in length.


Mum dies from blood poisoning after scratching her hand

The family of a mum who died from blood poisoning after scratching her hand are hoping to bring awareness to sepsis diagnosis. .

Lucy tragically died after a scratch on her hand turned out to be blood poisoning

there is nothing poetic about clawing at your chest, trying to empty yourself of these poisonous words, coming up with nothing in your palms but blood. — excerpt from four things echo knows to be true | published in UNMYTHOLOGIZE


Poisonous Tears/ Lacrimal Toxins / Toxic Tears / Tainted Tears / Venomous Tears: The power to cry tears which contains toxic substances. Variation of Poison Generation. Opposite to Healing Tears.