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Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist [Currently watching. - Blue Exorcist follows the exploits of twin brothers becoming exorcists in a prestigious academy. Rin (bottom center) inherits the powers of Satan; upon his foster father's death, he swears to become an exorcist in order to fight against him.]

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Rin, along with his twin brother Yukio Okumura are raised by an eminent priest, Shiro Fujimoto, but one day Rin discovers that their biological father is actually Satan! As the border between “Assiah” (the human world) and “Gehenna” (demon’s world) is intruded upon by evils, Rin vows to become the ultimate exorcist to defeat his own father, Satan. To hone his raw skills, Rin enters True Cross Academy to train with other exorcist candidates.

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Zodiaco Otaku© - ✨Los signos como gif de Rin Okumura✨

#wattpad #de-todo ✨Portada: @nyu_ss✨ ✖️Don't Copy, Be Original✖️

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Blue Exorcist English Dub Bloopers - I really like Rin's english dub voice XD I was laughing throughout the whole entire thing!

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