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The national Fish The Blue Marlin: you dont want to get a FINE for eating this baby! Only for Sport Fishing!

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Angler lands 1,368-pound blue marlin from 20-foot skiff; just shy of world record

Massive billfish is the largest blue marlin caught off Kona, Hawaii, since 1992. The world record (1,376 pounds) was landed in June, 1982.

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Albino blue marlin surprises anglers off Costa Rica

Albino blue marlin surprises anglers off Costa Rica; 'Definitely not a typical day' |

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realmonstrosities: ichthyologist: Atlantic blue marlin larva (Makaira nigricans) In one spawning, the female blue marlin may release up to 7 million eggs, each approximately 1mm in diameter. The planktonic young may drift in the pelagic zone and may grow as much as to 1.6cm in a day. © Cedric Guigand It can get up to 5 metres (16 feet) long! Eventually.

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