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BLUE NUN. somehow, in my methodist family, I ended up with one of these labels and loved it for years.


Blue Nun Wine | Remember Blue Nun? Uh, that's a wine from like the 60's. Well, she's ...


Blue Nun wine. Haha, this reminds me of one of my Mum's boyfriends. He got drunk on it one night and tried to drown one of my mum's ornaments under the kitchen tap. Well I suppose it was looking at him funny!!! What an odd childhood I had.


Blue Nun hopes to strike gold with 22-carat wine

Gold Blue Nun 22K wine

41 Funny Signs You'd Only See In Britain

Someone's had an original idea in London! An act that we would call of "Vin-dalism"... Don't know how the managers of those stores have reacted, but it's pretty fun. The joker explains how he's come to do this in the following link.


Blue Nun Wine, Germany. When I first sampled German white Rhine or Mussel wine, I was won over. Blue Nun Wines are some good examples of those wonderful wines. I am very partial to those beautiful blue bottles.