Blue pillow shaped wedding cakes

clean elegant shaped pillow cake...would like more details but like the shape and richness of the colors

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Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding & Specialty Cake #1038 – Royal Pillows. Three tiers of royal pillows that look so real you'll want to rest on them. Silver and gold rope trim and flourishes, topped with a red and gold crown fit for royalty.

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Purple-Silver (Yes I KNOW its blue not purple.... some might argue it's periwinkle and I would have to agree but we would be here all day debating color since what we know as "orange" Crayola calls "mac and cheese" "gray" is called "timberwolf" and my favorite "purple" is I believe "grape" but that might be Rose Art. It's not purple so it's wrong!... and we wonder why kids are so messed up sometimes? Mmmmkay.... ~Imelda)

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Delicate vintage wedding cake, wisteria blue, lace, cameo, hearts and heart shaped pillow

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