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How to Grow Blueberries

If planted in a suitable sunny site, blueberry bushes are almost completely pest free. However, this plant will not thrive or often even grow in the wrong soils. They must be grown in soils that are highly acidic (pH levels of 4.5-5.5), uniformly moist (not wet), and nutrient-poor. The soils must be high in organic matter because this provides a slow-release of nutrients to the plant.

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The NC Blueberry Journal: Pruning Young Blueberry Plants

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How to Prune Blueberries

Learn how to prune your blueberries and prep them now for your largest harvest ever. This is a great step by step tutorial on pruning and spring care for blueberry plants. Love the tips on mulching and what to add to your soil.

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What Plants Can Be Planted Near a Blueberry Bush?

Asparagus, an early summer vegetable crop, is easy to grow when planted correctly. As with other vegetables, there are certain plants that help asparagus grow and deter insect pests. Intercropping is ...

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