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WordPress Boilerplate | Du code WordPress à copier coller

White House releases its FB bot to the world as open-source The Obama Administration receives thousands of emails phone calls and letters every day. And since August American citizens have been able to contact the president through Facebook as well thanks the the White Houses Messenger bot. Now the administration is going a step forward and releasing the bots source code onto the internet for anyone to use. This is done with the hope that other governments and developers can build similar…


In this talk, Joel will introduce concepts that make large React applications more scalable and maintainable. You will learn the benefits of Redux a predictable, single-way data flow model as he walks through sample code and best practices like top down approach. You’ll walk away with what you need to know to architect a React application with all the patterns that help it scale well with your team. We will cover bootstrapping a modern React application with react-boilerplate…

WalmartLabs open sources the application platform that powers Walmart probably isnt the first company that comes to mind when you think about open-source software (or the second or third really) butWalmartLabs Walmarts innovation-focused tech division has already launched a number of open-source projects into the wild. The most interestingof these so far was OneOps its DevOps platform but today it is launching a similarly ambitious project. Over the course of the last year…

HTML5 Boilerplate is the professional frontend developers's base HTML/CSS/JS template for a fast, robust and future-safe site.

Typesettings.css is the typography boilerplate for your minimal website. All typographic styles are inspired by graphic design fundamentals


Use this, Love it. Its a good starting point for all web-designers and front-end developers like me!