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Why Adding Salt Increases the Boiling Point of Water

Adding salt changes the intermolecular forces between water molecules. - Jody Dole, Getty Images


5th Grade Properties of Water

This Properties of Water poster is designed to aide students in understanding that water has various properties; the boiling point and freezing point of water is one of the main properties used to identify if a substance is water. The Texas TEK (5.5B) is listed within the poster inlcuding if the TEK is a Readiness or Supporting Standard.


Old Fashioned Hot Milk Cake: lovely, plain and simple. Made this with a simple custard of seeds from 1″ piece vanilla bean,2 c. heavy cream heated to almost boiling point, then whisked in 2 egg yolks and 1/4 c. sugar. Kids came into the kitchen and left us a bunch of crumbs. (Recipe Reviews)


11 Great Strategies for Effective Team Building Using Key Personalities

How do you get co-workers with different personalities and quirks to work better together? Workology can help. Detailed explanations of traits and styles that let you identify which office partnerships can soar and which ones might lead to a dead end. A


Syria conflict: Jordanians 'at boiling point' over refugees

Anna Salizzoni; King Abdullah of Jordan says his country is at "boiling point" because of an influx of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.

The temperature strip is a great method for the students to recognize and practice using a thermometer, and this activity will directly correlate with our TEKS for winter. They will be able to show temperature and point out freezing and boiling point. (TJ)