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Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich. A fried bologna sandwich meets an egg sandwich and falls in love. #friedbologna #bolognasandwich #eggsandwich

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Better Bologna Sandwich

Better Bologna Sandwich: A grown up and much tastier version of the bologna sandwich. I like to use good Mortadella, Gruyere cheese, and a quick homemade olive tapenade. Mouth watering! |

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Junkyard Special

This sandwich has a lot of Nostalgia for my family, two of my favorite people loved fried bologna sandwiches. One of whom grew up in a junkyard, eating them all through her childhood. I created the sandwich to celebrate her memory, and it has turned out to be one of our favorites.

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Fried Bologna Sandwich from Sean Weber of Snack Fixation – Featuring Trader Joe's Brioche Rolls and Pub Cheese

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Bologna Salad Sandwich Spread - another attempt at recreating that disgustingly good tubed meat from my childhood

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Grilled Fried Egg, Bologna and Cheese Sandwich

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Bad Ass Bologna Sandwich Spread

This may be a regional thing. I'm not sure. All I know is that I ate a fair amount of it as a kid growing up in Michigan. My mother made. I'm pretty sure her's was just bologna, mayo and sweet reli...

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Fried Bologna & Other Southern Sandwiches

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ah yes - fried 'loney (bologna) sandwiches - on white bread with mayo; Sunday night specialty made by my

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Fried Bologna Sandwich~ It’s thinly sliced fried bologna and sauteed onions piled high inside a butter-toasted roll with cheese spread.

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[I ate] bologna sandwich- Oscar Mayer bologna Kraft American cheese singles spicy brown mustard and white bread.

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