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Bonfire toffee

Yummy! Crowds will love this sweet treat of dark and sticky treacle toffee smashed into hard bitesize chunks

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A super simple, delicious Treacle Toffee Recipe to enjoy on Bonfire Night The post Recipe // Treacle Toffee appeared first on Hello Baby Blog.

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Bonfire toffee

A treat to make and share for bonfire night. Using unrefined demerara sugar will give this Bonfire Toffee Recipe a lovely full flavour.

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Bonfire toffee

A real British classic. Treacle toffee (Bonfire toffee) is really easy to make and absolutely delicious

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Making your own caramel requires care and attention, but the resulting bubbly crunchy cinder toffee is worth it

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How to make traditional English Cinder Toffee - perfect to celebrate Guy Fawkes night. This will keep in a tin for up to a month and only requires 3 ingredients.

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Bonfire Treacle Toffee recipe - you could bag this up in cellophane or old school paper bags and sell at your PTA/PTO Bonfire night Fireworks party - yum yum.

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Like this, but slices/wedges of apple would be less wasteful

29 Very Special Caramel-Apple Recipes

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