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From Urban Dictionary: "1. copper boom - quickening your pace or getting down to business/work. Originally from the show 'Gilmore Girls.'"

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Oh haiii thereeee!!! It's Friday, my video made it up before midnight, this has had to have been the busiest week of myyy liiifffee! But here it is! Booty grazing, Urban Dictionary style! Ever receive that non specific impersonal message from someone? Was that impersonal message followed by another message perhaps at 3am? Well ok THAT may be boo...

Young MA Smoking Tooka - King Yella Beef Young MA's "smoking Tooka" lyrics have upset Chicago rapper King Yella. Young MA might have to invest in a new Urban Dictionary. The Instagram video below shows a video of Young MA delivering a freestyle. Young MA proclaims that she smokes "Tooka" in the freestyle. Tooka is a nickname for marijuana but it's one of those phrases with a double meaning. Tooka is also the nickname of a Chicago teen who was murdered in 2011. Tooka whose real name is…

What Does Do It For The Vine Mean? What Does Do It For The Vine Mean? According to Urban Dictionary the phrase "do it for the Vine" means to do absolutely anything it takes for entertainment or comedic purposes. When a person is trying to motivate another person to do something the simple saying typically seals the deal. The phrase was used in the song #Everything by Far Young an international vocal group. Bad choices are often made when a person accepts the challenge. It's equivalent to…

Louis Tomlinson in the Urban Dictionary. OMG THIS IS TOO FUNNY. Is this forreal haha

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Bibliophile ~ (n.) a lover of books; someone who loves to read, admire and collect books.

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Urban Dictionary definition of "Normgasm". Wow! Love Urban Dictionary ;)

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