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The Anatomy of a Book Baggie | Student book bagies for independent reading. Free labels and word ring labels included in this post.


Setting Up a Classroom & Home Reading Program

Are you a teacher in need of classroom organization tips and ideas for setting up a classroom and home reading program? Read this post for tips and strategies to implement a reading program for children using Daily 5, using leveled readers and book baskets to teach kids to read, and more. Plus how-to create reading folders with a FREE parent hand-out printable.


Keeping Parents informed is important. Grab a book bag parent letter and bookmark HERE!

Book Marks to send home with Guided Reading books FOR THE STRUGGLING READERS More

Literally Hands-On

Bags at the dollar store for each student to store their independent reading books, reading response notebooks, writer's notebooks, word work notebooks, post-it notes and a pencil. I put a command hook on each desk for them to keep their bag. It has been so much easier than finding a place to store bulky book boxes and the kids love to carry them around the classroom.

There's an idea in here somewhere..."Thursday Book Bags" are tote bags that have books and activities that share a common theme, and are for you to share with your family. You might choose to take home a "Book Bag" with joke books, math books, monster books, girly books, USA books, or one of the other choices!


Book Clubs in First Grade

Looking for how to start book clubs in your first or second grade classroom? These activities and lessons will get your students ready to engage in book talks and let them independently discuss what they are reading! Tons of fun ideas to implement over on


Take Home Reading Program

Take home readers check out system - she has a numbered bag for each student with 5 books in it. Student take one bag home/ week, then the bag get switched to the next student. SO all you have to do is send the bag home with a new student, not change out the books! Genius!