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I have a ton I books which sit on a shelf that serve no purpose any longer. Add a well decorated bookshelf to a room, best/easiest decorating secret ever!

DIY Corner Ladder Bookshelf / This easy and clever bookshelf look so much cooler than anything you can buy from a store.

15 Inspiring Ladder Hacks For Every Room

Here are some ideas to help you discover creative and clever new ways to reuse and repurpose your old ladders. Check these 15 genius ladder decorating ideas

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Vintage 8' 8 1/2" Wooden Ladder Bookshelf with Metal Strap

DIY Ladder Bookshelf, An Easy Weekend Project

DIY Ladder Bookshelf, An Easy Weekend Project

Dinning Room, next to fireplace. DIY Ladder Bookshelf, An Easy Weekend Project. SIZES 84 H x Deepest x W (not sure if that works out.) the first shelf would be off the ground to clear heat register

I would like a leaning bookshelf like this for between the front door and picture window.

This new take on the traditional sawhorse bookshelf transforms the classic look into a sophisticated standout. Four shelves step back for lots of storage and display while keeping it light and airy.

21 Farmhouse Decorating Ideas /// Page 4 - The Cottage Market

21 Farmhouse Decorating Ideas /// Page 4

Your weekend DIY project - repurpose an old wooden ladder for a funky, functional bedside table

Good idea for a small spaced be a great idea for a bar!

Discover 21 DIY ladder bookshelf and bookcase ideas that you can make using old ladders and a little creativity. Make your DIY ladder shelf today!

45 DIY bookshelves to inspire your next home project. Make your own homemade bookshelf from a single shelf or bookcase. This DIY is added storage or stylish display for books and home decor accessories. For more weekend DIY ideas go to Domino.

45 DIY bookshelves that work

ladder shelf of original pieces and memories

Do you have an old ladder at home and don't know what to do with it? TUrn it to a ladder shelf! Check out our 30 cute ladder shelf examples and be inspired!

Old ladder bookshelf. Dan got a free ladder of craigslist just like this. What a good idea!

Cool Bookshelf Ideas: DIY bookshelves from recycled materials

Cheap DIY Antique Ladder Shelf ~ If you have old ladders laying around and not enough places to display your books, here's an idea.