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Boom Studios

beeandpuppycat: Bee and PuppyCat #2 on Sale Now Now that you know the first edition of Natasha’s Bee and PuppyCat #1 comic from BOOM! Studios sold out in a matter of days, you better run — not slowpoke it — to your local comics shop for the new issue, available right now. No comics retailer near you? But it straight from BOOM! Cover B by Zac Gorman So Excited!!


Over the Garden Wall by Jim Campbell Cover << Here’s the art I did for the cover of issue 2 of the over the garden wall comic. It looks like you buy it online now (maybe that’s a pre-order.. I don’t think it’s in stores yet..) Each issue is a separate story that takes place between episodes. This one is the “tale of Fred the Horse”, as told by Fred after they “steal” him from the old tavern.


Cover art for issues #1-4 of Warlords Of Appalachia byPhillip Kennedy Johnson and Jonas Scharf.Published by Boom! Studios.