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Bur Hill Border Collies - Ontario Purebred Border Collies. Breeders of family raised border collie puppies. Written Health Guarantee. Bur Hill Border Collies. Border Collie. London Ontario


What Is a Smooth-Coated Border Collie?

If you're a workaholic, who'd rather conduct business than any other activity, you'll understand the border collie's mind. These intense, intelligent dogs come in smooth- and rough-coated varieties. Unlike other purebreds, where appearance is paramount, border collie breeders concentrate on -- you guessed it -- the dog's ability to work.


ABCA/AKC performance Border Collie breeder. Dog agility, dock diving, frisbee. Puppies available. Black and white border collie, ee red border collie, merle border collie, and gold and white border collie. Located north of Atlanta, Georgia.