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Border Gateway Protocol (#BGP) LiveLessons (Downloadable Video) By Jeff Doyle. #CiscoPress


Exam Number/Code : 4A0-102 Exam Name : Alcatel-Lucent Border Gateway Protocol Release / Update Date : 10 January, 2015

Can cyber risks be systemic risks? In this 2011 Future Global Shocks report, Peter Sommer of LSE and Ian Brown of Oxford discusses the possibility of a successful attack on one of the underlying technical protocols upon which the Internet depends, such as the Border Gateway Protocol which determines routing between Internet Service Providers. See

The Strong Benefits of Using External Border Gateway Protocol (eBGP)

Libya Internet Shut Down Amid Protests, Later Restored (UPDATE)

Renesys published research which indicated that Gaddafi had shut down the internet entirely throughout Libya after the social unrest. The government shut down the internet for nearly two days before it finally came back online. Technologies like the border gateway protocol make it extremely easy to entirely shutdown connectivity throughout an entire nation.