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Borderline Personality Disorder: Symptoms & Treatment | Psych Central

The main feature of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image and emotions. People with borderline personality disorder are also usually very impulsive, oftentimes demonstrating...

This Borderline Personality Disorder Test (BPD test) can help determine whether you might have the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Use the results to decide if you need to see a doctor or other mental health professional to further discuss diagnosis and treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder.


Could It Be Borderline Personality Disorder?

7 Surprising Warning Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder Could It Be Borderline Personality Disorder? Borderline personality disorder, or BPD, is a serious mental health condition that affects behaviors and emotions as well as relationships and career. Use this BPD symptom guide to know when to seek help. By Diana Rodriguez Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH