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BPD trait. desperately reliant. your attitude may push the people close to you away and once they're gone you feel angry with despair

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This is very real for some people...Borderline personality disorder Give Them A Voice is an advocacy foundation.

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Bipolar Disorder vs. Borderline Personality Disorder. A lot of people seem to get confused when it's abbreviated...

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4 Tips to Surviving a Relationship with a Person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder by CLEARVIEWTREATMENT in FAMILY & FRIENDS, RELATED CONDITIONS, TREATMENT & THERAPY - (It's a Borderline Personality Disorder, & The first in the Dark Triad. ~Wild)

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Thought I knew who you were and then out of nowhere these headspinning, vile, hurtful traits were released.... there is no communicating or fixing anything with a broken soul like this who will never see themselves and project their narcissistic/ borderline behaviors on others.

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Healing from BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder: Jealous, Insecure Inner Child at Work | Listening To Her Concerns

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