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If you borrow money from someone you need to attempt to pay it back! Or may karma bite you in the ass!

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AP Finance Writer Discovers Peer-to-Peer Lending & Avoids The Bank "Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need most." - American Proverb

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I love how you make me feel bad for wanting you to pay me back the money you owe me.

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Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need most. Picture Quotes.

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5 Bible Verses about Money Every Christian Should Know

The freedom of being debt free has always been so incredibly enticing to me that I have been willing to give up a whole lot in exchange for it. The last 3+ years my wife and I have been diligently chopping away at it, passing up opportunities to spend as frivolously as some of our peers have done. Getting out of debt is not easy and often requires a fight, but the freedom that comes with it is so worth it.

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If you are family, don't bother asking if you can borrow money. We both know you will never pay it back. Just say it as it is!

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Everyone!!! You would think you would grow up and stop having to borrow money from EVERY SINGLE person!!

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People never pay you back with the same mood that they use to BORROW money.....

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