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Pimp my skin: Diese 10 Tipps für schöne Haut sind einfach nur grandios!

Tipps für schöne Haut: Botox-Cream

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Try Face yoga and forget about Botox, nips and tucks!

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Botox effect mask that will rejuvenate your face -

These ingredients aren’t magic and can’t stop aging, but certainly they can hide its signs and can delay the aging process. The good thing is the results will be quick. The ingredients are cheap, accessible and you probably have them in the kitchen. This homemade mask will help firming your skin and you’ll feel more ...

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Homemade Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Grapefruit Scented

Have you thought about trying Botox or other expensive medical treatments to get rid of wrinkles? Before you explore those wrinkle remedies, consider whipping up this homemade anti-wrinkle cream. It requires just six ingredients and a few minutes to make. The combination of Shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and three essential oils creates a powerful and effective homemade beauty product that will reduce wrinkles and fight the signs of aging.


BETTER THAN BOTOX - NO NEEDLES! ✅1tbsp corn starch ✅^^mix in 1/2 cup water ✅BOIL 1/2 cup water + add corn starch mixture (DO NOT add cornstarch directly to boiling water - itll be a HOT mess) BOIL until it gets THICK ✅^^let cool ✅2tbsp carrot juice ✅1tbsp sour cream ✅MIX UNTIL CREAMY Video by @farahdhukai #fashionarttut


10 Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face. This is a common practice among Korean actors & actresses, where ‘Ma Me Mi Mo Mu’ is repeated 10 times for exercising their lip & cheek muscles. In addition to this, co-ordinated stretching of facial muscles with breathing is also recommended. Read more: