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Bouvardia - amazing - they look like little square boxes before they open.


White Bouvardia - Bouvardia symbolizes enthusiasm. It is also used to indicate zest for life.


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A close-up of flowers of Bouvardia 'Royal Edith' [Family: Rubiaceae]. Bouvardia flowers are composed of slender tubes, topped by four petals in a cross-formation. Although all of the flowers have a bright-red band at the right-angle intersection of corolla-lobe to corolla-tube, the color of the lobe itself depends on the age of the bloom. When the flower first opens the lobes are bright-pink, but they soon fade to faint-pink, or even to white over a period of 24 hours.


Bouvardia - comes in many colours and a smaller flower draws eye to smaller details e.g. lace detail on my dress. Good filller.. Bouvardia is available in many varieties and the colour range includes pinks, whites, creams, green, peaches, reds and lilacs.


pink bouvardia -Getting married in April? See our seasonal flowers board for a full list of flowers that are available for florists to buy in April for a Spring/ early summer wedding. Whether you are planning a romantic, wild and natural bouquet or bright and vibrant table centrepieces - our month by month boards cover every possibility for every month be it Winter, Spring, Autumn or Summer! xx

Bouvardia — clusters of small, tubular flowers.


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