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Disney Character Calls and Letters - Fact or Fiction

This will be fun to do one day - write your favorite characters at Disney and they will write back!/// I maybe be in my 20s but I won't resist this in December! Gonna write them in Walt Disney World for me being there my first time in Florida! :)

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Your child want an autograph of a disney princess?? Then send a letter to them and wait to see the biggest smile on their face.

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LILO and stitch are my favorite Disney characters ever. I know every word of that movie

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Disney guys: this is why girls love them. (Notice the arrows pointing toward Flynn... teehee! Biggest cartoon crush.)

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Disney Princesses with Their Favorite Stuffed Animals.
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We just can’t get enough of these genderswapped Disney and Dreamworks characters

Who knew the scruffy Captain Hook could look so seductive? Or Frozen’s Queen Elsa to be such a debonair gentleman? Italian artist and DevianrArt user, ‘Maby-chan’, illustrated our favourite Disney and Dreamworks characters, but with a genderswapped twist. Disney princesses like Rapunzel and Merida became dashing princes, while leading men like Captain Jack Sparrow became […] #disney

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Best Boyfriend in the World Turns His Girlfriend and Himself Into Disney Characters

Best. Valentine. Ever. This boyfriend turned his girlfriend and himself into Disney princes and princesses!

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Kisses for Peter. This being my Disney board, I will refrain from making any innapropriate joke. (And I thought of MANY.)

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