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Israeli parliament moves to ban Boycott, Divestment Backers from entering Israel -

from Palestine Legal

Attack on Free Speech in U.S. Senate

Update, 4:18 PM, December 1, 2016. The bill passed the Senate by unanimous consent. Palestine Legal calls on all lawmakers in the House to vigorously oppose this attack on cherished First Amendment freedoms to criticize the government.

Boycotts Divestment Sanctions Israeli Products T-Shirt

BDS: A Striving Initiative for Palestinian Liberation

Last week, Israel fired the latest salvo in its 'war' against the non-violent boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS). This time it came on the streets of Ramallah. As happens so often with I...

By BI: A pro-Palestinian organization, DOCP , conducted inspections of stores in ten cities of the Netherlands, as part of the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel. Dreuz  T…


27 years ago today, the Berlin Wall fell and the world celebrated. The Israeli-Apartheid Wall will also fall. The BDS-movement (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions) w...


OPINION: The case for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel