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300+ Cute Nicknames For Guys With MEANINGS

Are you looking for a sweet pet name for your boyfriend. Check out our huge list of cute nicknames for guys. Choose one or choose many

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143 behind my ear, took only a couple minutes to do and I could hardly feel it! 143 means I love you, it’s the number of letters in the words. 143 is my number, and has shown up in tons of places in my life, even my math homework! My nickname is even b143. My boyfriend and I use 143 as a little inside way of telling each other that we love one another. And I also just found out my dad and step-mom used 1437, I love you forever, as a code between themselves, and my great-grandparents who I’ve…

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Cute Nicknames for Guys |

Cute Nicknames for Guys |

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