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Your Perfect Boy ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring boys who, boys who..., quotes, words, pictures, text, saying and phrase

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I love it when that happens- correction- only if it's someone im crushing on ;) not a creep! Lol

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My husband does this, but don't tell him it's "Awkwardly" I wouldn't want him to stop.

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I find it cute when boys, -make weird faces -dance ridiculously -laugh -sing to you (no matter how bad they are) -bite their lower lip -are funny -tease me a little -lick their lips -say "aww" -don't you...?

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I only see it on little kids...... Bbuuuuuttt I hope to see a gut do it idk though

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He cuddles me every where! I'm so shy and he just doesn't care. It's like he can't get enough of me ~.~ is hugs put me back together on pice at a time

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