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You can be invalidated by repeatedly being told through your life that your emotions are wrong, don't matter and/or are more volatile than the situation justifies. Validation is a key step in helping find a balance in BPD.

from The Mighty

20 Secrets of People Who Live With Borderline Personality Disorder

A quote from Sam Thayer that says, "If you think it's a roller coaster knowing me, imagine how hard it is being stuck in my own head."


I refer to it as "freezing them out." Because it's literally like everything inside turns to ice and you feel nothing for that person.

from Angela B. Chrysler

Living with BPD I've had many a people come to me asking what exactly BPD is (Borderline Personality Disorder). There is a lot of reading material out there. There is Walking On Egg Shells, which is for those who live with someone diagnosed with BPD... but it still is only applicable to certain symptoms of BPD. Explosive anger and rage. In my case, I do not have this symptom. But little... #bpd #broken #ptsd


Borderline Personality Disorder, you don't realise just how horrible it is until you have it and how scared you are because you know it will be with you for life.