Dating Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder | super realistic, non biased article on dating a BPD partner

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speech 4 I've had many a people come to me asking what exactly BPD is (Borderline Personality Disorder). There is a lot of reading material out there. There is Walking On Egg Shells, which is for those who live with someone diagnosed with BPD... but it still is only applicable to certain symptoms of BPD. Explosive anger and rage. In my case, I do not have this symptom. But little... #bpd #broken #ptsd

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Myth: Individuals with BPD cut or self injure for attention. Fact: Most individuals who engage in self harm do so as a means of self soothing. They often hide the fact they cut and are embarrassed when others find out.

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Myth: BPD is untreatable Fact: When a person actively engages in a therapy program aimed at regulating emotions, reducing self destructive behavior, and developing a strong sense of identity their symptoms will be greatly reduces within 2 years and by 5 years individuals often will no longer meet the criteria for BPD.

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BPD Things [I'm good if I'm permitted to leave; but it's not easy stopping the heaving in my chest or the lump in my throat.]

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6 Books on BPD You Should Have on Your Summer Reading List - Borderline Personality Treatment | Borderline Personality Treatment

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