Braids 2016

Yarn Braids are a perfect Summer hairstyle for Black women. The braided hairstyle with weave requires minimal maintenance, making it an easy vacation hair solution. It's also a great protective style for natural hair.

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Braids For Black Girls

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Boys with Braids hairstyles get more pretty and a professional look. Braids hairstyles is better choice for long hair

Ghana braids

Stunningly Cute Ghana Braids Styles For 2017


Afro-American hair braid styles of 2016 – make dimensional braids

Welcome to the fascinating world of Braids and Bands, also known as Narrow Wares. These small textiles were a vital part of life in the past.

The Braid Society - Braids 2016 - I am looking forward to this conference in Summer 2016 in Tacoma, WA.


Afro-American hair braid styles of 2016 – make dimensional braids