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As quoted by the author: "Brambly Hedge is my ideal world. The way the mice live is completely natural, which is how I think life ought to be. They appreciate and use everything that grows around them. Theirs is a loving and caring society, but the mice are not just series and worth. They have FUN! Life is a series of picnics and gatherings, parties and outings."


Brambly Hedge, I read these stories to my daughter, they are wonderful. The illustrations are beautifully done.


Brambly Hedge

It's laundry day at Brambly Hedge. In this scene, Poppy is keeping herself and her adorable babies warm by the cozy fire. The success of Jill Barklem's first four books "Brambly Hedge" was followed by "The Secret Staircase" in 1983, "The High Hills" in 1986, "Sea Story" in 1990 and "Poppy’s Babies" in 1994.


This just brings me back to my childhood and my love for books. I adore really detailed illustrations, and this has the added bonus of looking like it's from a book I'd STILL want to read as an adult. :) -->Jill Barklem, illustration from Spring Story - A Birthday Surprise for Wilfred