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Vodka Clementines

Vodka Soaked Clementines - oh, the clementines are so very good this year, and after soaking them in a good brand of vodka (pinnacle orange whipped) for a few days, they are even better. Be sure to strain the vodka back into the bottle and use for an amazing cocktail, too.

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The Best Vodka Brands, Ranked by Drinkers

Vodka is a very distinct tasting alcohol and one of the best liquors. All vodka must be a minimum of 37.5% alcohol to be considered vodka by European standards, while mos...


Designed the artwork for a new brand of Vodka being released into the Australian market. The product is called Voodoo Vodka. The client required a logo, bottle artwork and box artwork. The look and feel of the logo derives from the culture of the Haitia…

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Explore 10 Fantastic Brands of Vodka from Around the World

A premium brand of vodka, Ciroc is produced in France and includes some fantastic flavored vodkas.

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Best Brands of Cheap Vodka for the Frugal Drinker

Best Brands of Cheap Vodka for the Frugal Drinker: Svedka Vodka

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40 Popular Vodka Brands for All Budgets

A guide to the most popular brands of vodka including value, premium and super premium vodkas listed by price.

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40 Popular Vodka Brands for All Budgets

40 Popular Vodka Brands for All Budgets: A Touch of Luxury - Vodkas Over $40

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Industry City Distillery's No. 2 Vodka

Industry City Distillery in Sunset Park launches with a stunning waterside space and a superior brand of vodka. Can't wait to give it a tasty taste!

Smirnoff Vodka Can't wait until I can buy alcohol legally!


New Brand of Vodka Allegedly Protects Your Liver from Alcohol Damage -