Brave Enough? I like how in this drawing she looks old, matured, she looks like because she forged her path she's grown as opposed with having fate make you and you learning nothing

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This is one of the most heart felt Disney movies ever. It is not about falling in love, it is about a mother and daughter seeing eye to eye.

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“E por que acham que quero ser Guardião?” – JackFrost; “Você está errada sobre o mundo, e você está errada sobre mim!” – Rapunzel; “Eu prefiro morrer do que ser como você”” – Merida; “Será que pelo menos uma vez na vida você pode escutar o que eu to falando?” – Soluço;

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Odysseus is brave because he fought against the Trojans, and even in the worse time he still had hope and defeated his fears.

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