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Classic German Bread Dumplings

Use up your old bread with this German Bread Dumpling recipe. Add some onions…

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Old-Country Czech Dumplings

KNEDLIKY (steamed czech dumpling) ~~~ these dumplings can be made of wheat (loaf-shaped, sliced), potato (smaller sized), or a combination of flour + dices of bread. when served as leftovers, they are sometimes pan-fried w/eggs. the potato version are often filled with smoked meat and served w/spinach or cabbage. gateway: this post's link AND AND [Czech Republic] [justapinch]

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Knodles (German Bread Dumplings)

This recipe was passed down to me from my German born grandmother. She came to this country in the 1930s. She worked in a country club as a cook and was quite an accomplished one at that. This is one of her german recipes passed down to me. This is so good with pot roast and gravy!

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Bavarian Dumplings – Bayerische Semmelknoedel

Bavarian Dumplings – Bayerische Semmelknoedel | German Food, the way you love it!

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Traditional Czech Bread Dumplings

Czech Bread Dumplings Are Served with Roast Pork and Pan Juices: Czech Bread Dumplings

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Classic German Bread Dumplings

Use up day-old buns and bread in these famous Southern German dumplings, and enjoy a versatile side dish with any savory meal – at Oktoberfest, and beyond! This is a great way to add some Bavarian flair to your menu. Find the recipe here:

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Welcome to in the kitchen with Oma! Great recipe for bread dumplings just like great- grandma Anna's.

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Traditional Czech Bread Dumplings

Traditional Czech Bread Dumplings Recipe - Houskový Knedlík: Bohemian-Czech Bread Dumplings - Houskový Knedlík

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