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Stacy Levy, "Aspergillus mold garden", 2000. Glass, growth medium, mold spores, stainless steel hardware. Enlarged images of common molds (bread mold and fruit mold) were sandblasted onto glass, each of the carved out areas in the glass became like tiny petri dishes which were filled with growth medium, and inoculated with mold spores. During the show the mold grew on the glass, creating a double portrait of the fungus, both life sized and hugely magnified.

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Canape Bread Mold

Mold ,Aspergillus versicolor,. Conidia ,asexual spores, are produced on the conidiophores ,fruiting structures / sporangia,. Aspergillus versicolor is very common in damp places. This genus can also cause skin infections in burn victims and the fungal lung infection aspergillosis ,secondary infection to AIDS,.

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Recipe for Bunny Bread Buns ウサギちゃんのパン・レシピ

I recently bought these large animal bread molds and decided to use it to bake some kawaii bread to enjoy for my breakfast. I used the bunny cutter (see pink one below) to make the rabbit bread buns – aren’t they cute! For some, I also combined the use of the body cutter of Cutezcute’s Cuddle Continue Reading

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