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Keeping baby cool in the heat | Australian Breastfeeding Association

When newborns are hungry, their hands are fisted and drawn tight against their chest. However, during a feeding and once their tummies begin to fill up, their hands open, their fingers soften, and their arms lie lower across their body. The American Pregnancy Association also confirms this easy indication of satiety/satisfaction from newborns at the end of a feeding: The baby looks relaxed, “falls” off the breast, has open hands, and/or falls asleep.


Australian Breastfeeding Association advert - Well played Australia! Well played. Also also though, it's not the mothers right, it's the BABIES right. Just to clarify for those who don't get it.


Association between breastfeeding duration and cognitive development, autistic traits and ADHD symptoms: a multicenter study in Spain. - PubMed - NCBI

Breastfeeding babies with clefts of lip and/or palate | Australian Breastfeeding Association

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How to tell if your newborn is hungry - a visual guide for parents


Breastfeeding Education Pamphlet from the Australia Breastfeeding Association – Set of 4. DL size (100mm × 210mm). Includes four titles helpful for the promotion of breastfeeding. Each title comes as a pack of 25.