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Hoping to breastfeed baby after implants? Here are a few questions that will help you determine your likelihood of breastfeeding along with tips to boost your odds of success.

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Breastfeeding with Implants or Confessions from my Boobs

Breastfeeding with implants - My breasts have the compulsion to confess and share the journey from vanity to a divine life source.

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pregnancy calendar - this is a Must read! The lady that wrote this is dead on and hilarious! Made me squash some of my early on fears

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Tips For Breastfeeding After Implants or Other Breast Surgeries

Can you breastfeed if you have breast implants? What about a breast reduction or a lumpectomy? How does breast surgery affect breastfeeding and your ability to make enough breast milk for your baby? Here Are Some Tips For Breastfeeding After Implants or Other Breast Surgeries.

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Pineapple core can help with implantation. Cut the core in to 5 portions, you eat 1 portion a day for 5 days starting day after ovulation.

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Have you had a procedure done on your breast(s) or plan on having one in the near future, but you aren't sure how it may effect your ability to breast feed? This site provides the information and support to help you make decisions and get through the rough patches.

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Tips to Increasing Your Breast Milk Supply Naturally - How I Breastfed for 20+ Months. #breastfeeding #breastfed #breastfedbaby

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