Often confused with the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier was bred for bear and bull fighting. Their aggressive and protective natures make them excellent guard dogs but require them to be properly socialized and trained from an early age. Staffordshire Terriers make great household pets, known to only be aggressive when protecting a family member.

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pure bred pit puppie for Sale in Herron Island, Washington Classified | AmericanListed.com

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Raising a dog is a huge commitment. However, many people simply do not really understand dog psychology, or why they behave certain ways in certain situations. Pit bulls especially are different in their needs and the way they interact. Although every dog has a unique personality, there are some proven and time-tested ways to …

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Bred Pit u zagrljaju poznate koleginice : Superstar - Bred Pit se prvi put nakon razvoda od Anđeline Džoli pojavio na projekiji filma “Moonlight” u Los Anđelesu u pratnji Džulije Roberts.

Bred to hunt bear and guard royalty, even the gentlest Akita should be treated as carefully as a 100lb weapon. Keep the safety on! Train her thoroughly and keep her leashed or in your house or fenced yard. If everyone did this, breed restrictions wouldn't be considered.

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Nope. Breeds are BRED on purpose to create certain tendencies and skills. Pit bulls are bred as guard dogs and fighting dogs! Mastiffs were once war hounds to kill enemy soldiers on the battlefields. Wolves and wolf breeds are literal wild animals....do not underestimate the wolf in your "dog." Dogs are just wolves that have been bred.

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GR CH Queen of Hearts

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