Bret Michaels -- something about this man makes a girl want to get a whiskey and dance!

So I basically want to look like the female version of Bret Michaels at CMAFEST. Nicole also, why haven't we hung out with him yet lol?

Poison.  Saw in the 90's and then again arounf 2006 with my daughter.

"But you know you gotta stick to your guns when it all comes down. It's like heads you win, tails you're gonna lose." I WILL see Brett Michaels and/or Poison in concert!

Bret Michaels - Lead Singer of the band "Poison"

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Shop * Live * Rock @ #NationalDogDay

Image detail for -Bret Michaels showing his poison tattoo and the tattoo on his hand ...

Bret Michaels is the lead singer of the popular glam metal band Poison.