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Brian and Justin. THIS moment, right here, was the best moment of the whole show. Their world is falling down around them and their love is like a spark in that darkness. The episode is sad and tragic, but this moment makes it one of my favorites. Oh how I wish there were more love stories that felt like this moment.

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I’ve always loved the relationship between Brian and Justin on Queer As Folk. Gale Harold and Randy Harrison’s chemistry was always off the charts. :)

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Brian and Justin - S3 finale. Everything with Stockwell, and Justin and Brian's relationship throughout, was probably my favorite QaF plot arc.

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Gale Harold, Randy Harrison... the best show ever. I miss Queer as Folk! :)

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Serena on

Justin Taylor (Randy Harrison) & Brian Kinney (Gale Harold) from "Queer As Folk"

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Queer as Folk 2x04 - Justin says "shut up" Brian grabs his arm and says "I promise you won't forget this one".

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I spent most of that season wanting Justin to get a haircut but when he did? He fucking shaved it and I screamed.

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