Bridge pose is an inversion I often introduce toward the end of a flow class once everyone is really warmed up. It's a class favorite because the foundation is accessible to most people. Those who struggle with the full expression of the pose are usually dealing with really tight chests and/or hip flexors, so if you're one of those people give yoga video for chest a try and work in this yoga pose for hip flexors and see if that helps.

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I like how the laundry connects to master closet. I think I would move the master to the back and the garage to the front. Then you could have access to the back deck. Extend the grilling porch to the full length of the back of the house, screen it in and add an outdoor fireplace. Perfect floor plan!

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Boldt Castle on Heart Island - The re-shaped island and Castle is only accessible by water, with tours starting in Alexandria Bay or Clayton, NY and Ontario, Canada. It is only open from mid-May to mid-October.

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The Floral Street Bridge near Covent Garden was built by Wilkinson Eyre Architects to enable dancers to access the stage of the Royal Opera House directly from the Royal Ballet School. This bridge has since become a tourist attraction. #London

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Giethoorn, Netherlands. This idyllic village has no roads, and the only access is by water over the many beautiful canals or on foot over its wooden arch bridges. The locals use punters to get around and cars have to remain outside the village. Located in the province of Overijssel, there are 4 miles of canals and farmhouses with thatched roofs dating back to the 18th century.

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Click on the image to check out the 10 most beautiful towns in the Netherlands from[]

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The Tridge - Michigan's Three Way Bridge No motor vehicles cross the bridge – it was built for people to cross on foot over the confluence of the Tittabawassee and the Chippewa rivers near the town of Midland.

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Coconut Island Bridge-Hilo, Hawaii-a VERY small island easily accessible from a parking lot near a hotel.

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