Brie bakers from @Brenda Franklin Noble ologie -- perfect for making a baked brie appetizer (recipe in post)

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A delicious & easy appetizer – your search is over. Baked #Brie swaddled in Puff Pastry with sliced Almonds and Honey drizzle is really to live for!

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Indoors S'mores ~~The Garlic & Brie Baker can do so much s'more! Add 2 cups of chocolate chips, 4 tbs milk and 2 cups of mini marshmallows to a 1.5-qt. Saucepan. Mix continuously over medium heat until melted smooth. Scrape mixture into theGarlic & Brie Baker with a Classic Scraper and top with 1 cup of marshmallows. Bake in a 400°F oven until marshmallows are golden brown (about 6 -10 min.). Serve with graham crackers. Bonfire is optional.

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Ingredients: 1 8oz Brie; 1 jar Hot Pepper Jelly. Preheat oven to 350F. To prepare the brie: Remove top rind of cheese, leaving rind on sides and bottom intact. Place brie, cut side up, in Brie Baker. Top prepared brie with 1/2 cup Hot Pepper Jelly. Place Brie Baker, without lid, in center of hot oven for 15 min. Remove from oven & put cover on Baker to keep warm & soft until ready to serve. Place hot Brie Baker on serving platter & surround with toasted baguette slices. Yummy!

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Use our Garlic & Brie Baker to make 5 savory dips in just 3-minutes. Start with cream cheese, mozzarella, milk and one of our rubs for 5 yummy dips: Bell Pepper Herb, Greek, Sweet Basil, Tex-Mex, or Three Onion

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Single Serving Hot Popcorn in Pampered Chef® Garlic Brie Baker

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Use our Garlic & Brie Baker for more than just savory dips. Here's 5 recipes for decadent dips; just start with cream cheese and powdered sugar and add assorted dippers of your choice including chocolate-peanut butter, s'mores, chocolate-coconut, double chocolate and caramel-nut.

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