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El Salto Resort, Camp McQuaide, & the Capitola Airport, ca. 1934 This photograph was taken shortly after the Santa Cruz-Capitola Airport was officially established in 1934. El Salto Resort, the private retreat of the Lewis Hanchett family, is in the foreground. The tents are part of the encampment of the 250th Coast Artillery, later known as Camp McQuaide. The Capitola Elementary and New Brighton Middle Schools now occupy the site.

My Website Sleuth activities are a great way to keep kids engaged during those last days of the school year! Your students will become internet detectives during this "scavenger hunt" web search activity involving life in the Indus Valley (Ancient India). ($)


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What girl doesn't want to have it all together? Whether popular, not-so-popular, quirky, cool, or anywhere in between, every teen girl wants to love, be loved, and find acceptance and meaning in the world around her. Often feeling alone and insecure, she spends her life competing, comparing, and creating drama to prove to the world and herself that she's enough.But what if she's already enough? What if girls aren't meant to be perfect, but brave? In this 5-part series, Bible teacher, Ne...