A Great Brine and Smoke – Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar and Seasonings for Salmon, Trout and other Fish | CutterLight

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This Smoked Salmon Brine recipe calls for sugar, salt, soy sauce, water, white wine and other spices to cover and sit overnight then air dry to create a

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Smoked Alaskan Salmon Recipe, Smoking salmon and fish, Prince of Wales Sportfishing in Craig, Alaska

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Simple Smoked Salmon: Alaska Fish & Wildlife News Oct. 2006 (ADF&G). Using a dry brine.

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Here’s our shot at Pacific Northwest barbecue. We soak wild salmon in our pastrami brine for 48 hours, then smoke it at a low temperature. The result is a smoky, savory fish that flakes into bite-sized morsels and has a delicious, slightly sweet bark. Just the way salmon candy should be—and a proper tribute to our home turf.

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