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How to Cook the Perfect Chicken Breast

DesertRose///If you cook your chicken breast like this, you will never again have to chew your way through a dry and tasteless chicken breast to get all the good protein you want. Give it a try!

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Learn how to grill boneless skinless chicken breasts so they stay juicy and don't get dried out, it's easy! On

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Alton Brown's Brined Turkey

Alton Brown's Brined Turkey: "Hands down, the best turkey we've ever had! A saltwater brine allows the turkey to hold in tons of moisture and absorb the seasonings deep into the meat."-

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How To Use Himalayan Salt For Healing! Your skin is an excretory organ that mirrors the condition of your intestines. When you take a salt water (brine) bath, the salt minerals penetrate your skin offering your body a number of benefits. Find out how to use and the benefits here: ‪#‎foodmatters‬ ‪#‎himilayansalt‬ ‪#‎health‬

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