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Britain To Leave Eu


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from Mail Online

Michael Caine urges Britain to leave the EU

"Michael Caine urges Britain to leave the EU"...Flowless ! Why the star ? Becose he is BRITISH actor , not holly woo . Dame Judy Dench went through WHOLE Shakepsreare BEFORE her M...Dear Lord , the Youth of the Winter Tales this season , Marvelous !

from CNNMoney

Brexit is becoming a big fat mess

Britain running into troubles as they try to leave the EU. Their currency is crashing as many dumped it when the vote to leave was first ushered Because they expected Britain to be worse off.

This is a sad day for Britain. Last week, Britain voted to leave the EU, a decision fuelled largely by racism. I am not going to write this post from a political or economical point of view – I will leave that for the experts. No, I am writing this because I despair of living

from the Guardian

Former military officers join Brexit campaign

Falklands war veteran and ex-SAS chief add their names to group urging military personnel to vote for Britain to leave EU

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Image copyright AFP Sixty Conservative MPs, including seven ex-cabinet ministers, are calling for Britain to quit the single market and customs union when it leaves the EU. Writing in the Telegraph, Suella Fernandes MP said only in leaving will "we truly be a beacon of international free t

A Lesson For Us To Learn and Explains Democrats' Desire To Flood With Immigrants: The Age Divide On Britain’s Vote To Leave EU With The Older Folks Who Remember Independent Britain Carrying The Election......GOOD FOR THEM!!!


Image copyright PA Image caption Boris Johnson was quoted as saying the UK was likely to leave the EU customs union Boris Johnson is offering Britain a vision of life outside the EU that is "intellectually impossible", a leading European finance minist

from the Guardian

Stephen Phillips MP: 'I can no longer live with being labelled a Tory'

Brexiter voted for Britain to leave EU but is unhappy May government had not planned to consult parliament