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Ah! Reilly taught me this a while ago! "Not with that attitude" works not for everything, but some things. You're welcome Kit.


Mycroft .. The british government .. That umbrella though ..


Vintage Ministry of Food posters

Vintage Ministry of Food posters - Telegraph Vintage Ministry of Food posters -A new exhibition at London's Imperial War Museum (Feb 12 to Jan 3 2011) pays tribute to a nation's creativity and resourcefulness in the face of wartime – and peacetime – food rationing. Here is some of the eye-catching British Government propaganda used on the 'Kitchen Front' during that time.


The British Empire - Americans learned a lot of tricks from these dominators, none of them good. For example, tactics that involve subjugating a people: divide and conquer, propaganda and disinformation, shadow government, hidden agendas, subversion of public will, confiscation of the public tax money for black budgets, secret global drug and arms running, instilling false loyalties and bogus patriotism, political leaders and business interests and the merely wealthy put above the law, etc.


Britain's Queen Elizabeth II addresses her speech to the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament 06 December 2000. The speech outlines details of what the British government hopes to achieve in the next parliamentary session. (Photo credit JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty Images)


Emily Hobhouse (1860-1926) was a Cornish campaigner and activist, most famous for bringing the appalling conditions of the British concentration camps to the attention of the British public during the 2nd Boer War. She also worked to improve the conditions and save the live of the people there, although under much criticism from those back in England. Seen as a heroine in South Africa but known by the British government as ‘That Bloody Woman’, she had a commanding yet compassionate gaze .