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Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman Bradley James Colin Morgan

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or in my case my boyfriends half Scottish half Irish and was born in England so makes him British (well English) too... living the dream. hahahaha.

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British guy trying to ask me out: "when are you free?" Me: "I'm American. I'm always free." #foreveralone

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Sam Claflin - Just totally my fancy type!! A charming British <3 completely obsessed with his English accent!!!

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Bradley James & Colin Morgan... Cuz British guys like making females have heart attacks.

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Better learn your geography…

"It irritates me when people get all upset and say David Tennant is Scottish NOT British. Yeah. He is Scottish, but last time I checked Scotland was still a part of Britain. I've even heard him call himself British a couple of times. So... yeah..." A-MEN

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Exactly. British guys=perfection. I would choose a British boy over and American boy anyday!

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