absolutely gorgeous hair!! pretty necklace too, heck i wish i could be half as pretty as sophia in general haha :)

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Brooke was the only character to appear in every episode since her introduction. | 41 Things You Might Not Know About "One Tree Hill"

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Heyyy, Brooke is such a strong kind hearted mature childish women the show wouldn't be the same without her and no matter how much she changed over 9 seasons she was still all those things in the last season I made this edit myself so please give credit if you use it

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BPD, who inspires me to be better. To be more. To be beautiful. To be fierce. To love. To feel. To forgive. To be graceful. To be passionate. To be me. To be true. To be loyal. To be daring. To love the right people. To love the wrong people. To be a light in darkness. To be selfless. To be honest. To be real. To be a strong woman. To be a dreamer. To be an optimist. To be all that I am.

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Sophia has long been a champion for empowered women -- and though she's about to start filming her new show, "Partners," she and Brooke Davis joined forces one last time to help an organization that aspires to encourage young women to use their voices.

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