A man told me I looked like a young Brooke Shields. I died inside

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Brooke Shields is the real Queen of eyebrows. Pretty is not enough to describe her beauty.

Eyebrows Through the Ages

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The Best Celebrity Eyebrows Of All Time

Working on getting thicker eyebrows (remember gorgeous lady Brooke Shields). Maybe I can’t get mine as thick as hers but I’ll have fun trying ;

'Aziza demonstrates how to have a more memorable mouth.’ (1979) #BrookeShields #Aziza

July 1977 Aziza ad, Brooke Shields, 'How to have a more memorable mouth" for Seventeen Magazine

From 80's supermodel Brook Shields to film sirens like Sophia Lauren and Marilyn Monroe. Click here to see the most iconic brows that will inspire you to put down the tweezers.

Golden Arches: 10 Iconic Celebrity Eyebrows

A look back at the best celebrity eyebrows: Brooke Shields.it was fashionable to have thicker brows in the