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"Self brushing station." Broom head is zip tied to the fence (easy!!!) #abstractgoat, #goats, #pygmygoat

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I actually do this! like this idea of having broom ends to allow goats to brush their own coats

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#goatvet says take care before you do this that that part of the fence is very strong- but I am sure these goats enjoy it

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Setting Up a Montessori Home for Toddlers

Adaptive/self-help: The cleaners allows children to pick up and clean after themselves without asking for help. Children can do this in the classroom and at home. AE 4.4

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broom holder Like the crock....would use it for trash, like it at little higher level

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fantasy mermaid jellyfish head | ... underwater mermaid girl nude jellyfish by haitisworst Michael Broom

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In Lily's letter to Sirius, she mentions how Harry nearly killed the cat with the toy broom that Sirius got him. Well, what if that's the reason that Crookshanks has a squashed head and a flat face?

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